Effective Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Treatment Starts With Exercise, Rest And Diet

Chronic fatigue treatment is a combination of common sense lifestyle advice and the best that medical science can offer. Considerable controversy has stirred up the medical profession concerning chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The resulting turmoil has not been helpful to those suffering from what is a debilitating and extremely unpleasant condition.

Thankfully, the vast majority of the medical profession finally realizes that this is a genuine medical condition that needs proper, supervised attention. It is completely different from the simple tiredness felt by someone who has just been working a bit too hard, is over-stressed, and needs a rest.

The symptoms of CFS are similar to those of normal tiredness. At the start, you will probably be wondering whether you really do have the illness, whether you are just feeling the effects of overwork. Some treatments can be applied without even having an accurate diagnosis, because they are helpful to anyone who is tired. The most important of these is to balance rest and exercise.

Rest is not always the best treatment for fatigue and tiredness. Many people feel tired simply because they have not done enough exercise, and their body has just fallen into a type of laziness stupor. Often, these are the people who will think they have chronic fatigue syndrome when they do not. They will know that they have not been working hard at all. It is important to get more exercise, preferably outdoors, if you are feeling lethargic because you have just been too lazy.

Balancing exercise with rest is the first crucial part of treating any tiredness condition, whether chronic fatigue or not. If it is chronic, then obviously the rest part will need to be accentuated. It is not so much the number of hours of sleep which is important, as the quality of that sleep. Try to get enough time to wind down for an hour or two before you go to bed. After this as been done, the focus needs to be turned to your diet. Very few diets in the Western world are optimized for nutrition, but it is possible to eat well if you make the effort.

Avoiding stimulants and depressants such as alcohol is a vital part of effective chronic fatigue treatment. Adding vitamin and mineral supplements can help make sure you are not lacking in vital nutrients in your system. These supplements should not be necessary, but with modern farming methods and packaging systems a lot of the nutritional value of food is lost long before it hits the grocery store shelves. It is prudent to take this simple and inexpensive step towards preserving your health, especially if you are suffering from extreme tiredness and need to formulate the optimum chronic fatigue treatment.


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